Ardgillan Writers Group Blog I

Kuki-cha Monologue

Sipping kuki-cha from a glazed mug.

Wafts tempt a Tineidaean flying

with hot draughts of elixir;

an organoleptic inhalation of …

petiole liquor steam,

equally sensed by antennae and noses.

Roast hazelnut skins of an aroma

tasting of young hairy edged beech leaf.

Leaves wrapped in manilla origami,

strung from a beechwood chest,

unctuous tea, to rival Paraguayan holly infusions.

Lukewarm, nut cream truffle flavours

perfect for an evening in, of reflection,

as the light caustics guide tea drinking,

cooler, thirst quenching, too,

to the last tongue-tooth slosh.

© Howard Fox, 2014


Read at Charleville Castle at the ‘the night before christmas eve’ concert – Wednesday 23 December 2015



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