Mind the mind

Mind is a representative tool inside my head
bring her to dark places, racing thoughts,
over pray and one fragments –
the road to breakdown can be swift,
a schism with the psyche

mind can represent me, I, my, her, hers, him, his
mind can represent our, ours, you, yours
represent with your mind what you need
there are dangerous places, keep your mind
and stay away from unsustainable states

social censure, calamitous lapses, one sided views
communication is what you hear back
issue a few missives for when you get stuck
help yourself, curate the relationships you mind needs
keep them afloat – formulaic responses are no good
to keep the ship going through opinion differences
and resist all those vile ways of corruption

each mind can get to impossible states
frustration, review, narcissism injured, thwarted,
criticism wounds, poisonous misrepresentation,
careful negotiation, mediated for a good outcome
we share with words
for all we have is words
gentle, respectful words

(c) Howard Fox

Read at Charleville Castle at the ‘the night before christmas eve’ concert – Wednesday 23 December 2015