That – we see, or that – we overlook …

faster than one can write down,

takes time, detail does, to see.


Prepared for detail – species concepts

for those surfaces, old,

that we look at together,

on branches and stones.


Time-taking until resolved,

parts united in categories of sorts,

a language of prediction,

before one sees detail,

and admits it to reality.


Either, or, if with this, then that.

Then the animal, mineral, vegetable test.

Look again, does it pass, No !

Discarded hypothesis

in an attempt to catalogue surface detail here.


The questions for an interrogation

on branches and stones,

a Spanish inquisition internally,

to get to the truth of this material:

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable.


Seen, but silent, advocate-less,

living here in nature in Glasnevin,

witness to the air-less mutterings:

You live here, and you find it OK living here.


Visually distinctive detail,

between my face and yours,

fascinating detail,

in every old place

in gach sean ait

we keep in Glasnevin

on branches and stones.



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