Lough Nafooey volcanics

After Brian McConnell’s fieldtrip

Translating rock outcrops
Basalts with Stereocaulon
green with chlorite and
slopes with Juniperus
in their spatial context
red with Jasper,
grey with cephalodia,
vesicles with Gymnomitrion

Into a creation story
Of the processes
that got these materials here.
Obsidian in volcanoclastics,
with Trapelia coarctata

Geographical analogies,
From Shanvallycahill trachyte,
with Lecanora muralis
Pine stumps still to be dated
to places with cherries

Now hundreds of miles
and a sea apart
from Girvan volcanics
Or a few thousand miles
and an ocean to cross
to a Newfoundland shore.

Enrolment in an association

An effusively written biography
told of where she is at, now,
never really connected then.
Two decades of scholarship parallel
In a different independent mind,
organised differently
perceived differently
lecturing in a vacuum, for us all.

A life quest is that mix of what is tractable
And what is imagined possible
When this foundation is built
A derived and shared scholarship
that brings your discipline
combined to a front line, for us all.

Years in the wilderness
Developing the skills to see
Honing the way of writing,
not that we are culturally all that far apart,
to communicate, for us all.

A bark at bed time – two

after Sarah Gatley’s catflap

Spun seated panting
Lapping water
A short film of draught
collie sounds
for the Angelus

Oberon upon
the settle bed
on marine striped blankets
panting in the warmth
of the evening
to breathing easily
before sleep

backbone against backbone
with a duvet attached for me
grrr wow wow grrr wow wow
grr wow wow grr wow wow