After Cosmos Mundi

After Cosmos Mundi

The enlightenment is over.

Over, and gone for good.

2020 vision in narrator’s order.

Consequent in space and time,

Tide waits for no woman.

Biodiversity dependent up in the air,

bark-skins of Atlas

Rasta Varian your eyes

Brush up on Latin names

For our daily tunes

When we sing with you.


In our vigil on life

Ask not: What you can do,

Rather Ask: what you can see.

Ideas taking shape

Concepts of logic and morph coalesce

An information fusion,

With a … Salmon’s

Leapt lip of Recognition.

A signal of joy for a species with life before you.


Life to tarry over

To sing to

Known from psalters before

New to Us,

Admitted to skeptical realities

We apprehend you

Inquisit you

by your ocular beauty


We slow you with an example of nature herself.



Cyclops viewed.


The latin binomial

Family and placement

A quatrain design for

Our linguistic utterances:

Fathomable facets,

Of facts for a townland,

En-Booked, en-Laois’d

In hopeful contemplation

Of their future in Laois.


That Januguaritic dawn

Of Palian dimensions

After Cosmos Mundi

Seven veils of taxonomy

Needs the other …

To Alpha octo-ellipse our mind’s eye

Twin pencils,


Hand drawn

Sheet music


Midi playable


On our Hatton

Celtic Explorer

A compass clinometer

En-videoed on Peridote

Surface biofilm deeps



Signals to your mind

Creative commons

Communicated to you

For us all

Lest, we may advocate for

The voiceless …

In crimes against their meristems

From this day forth, in

Ages of ferrous-dendrous war.

Plant pathologies of a pith,

Bone marrow of plants,

That Joey Dunlop would feel…


Now when enlightenment is over

And August is done

And Francis has won

And chains of science are free

To Rood this earth of ours

From beyond

The Morgue





With their



Howard FOX

3 March 2020, Cosmos Tuesday. Revised 12 April 2020

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