Doing what one can

Drained and upset I arrive needing respite

seeking solace and security

from mental conflict and close tort

day off confusions requiring

electronic communications and bipartisan readings

to prevent comprehension lucidity lapses

issues from afar, too close and too afar.

WiFi exclusion a threat to our digital lively-hoods

dealing with argument, set out in every e-mail and text

days for linguistic accuracy and emotional perfection

fatigue. drained, doing what one can

to maintain sustainability in communication

A saucer stack and spoon clatters

as canteen voices murmur,

stirred cups sugar elutes

as the heater fan switches off

Seeking solace and tranquility

recharge from going on empty

doing what you can

curating sustainability

Sunlight on the computer screen

typeface hard won

maintaining sustainable relationships

can be work enough

Sunlight, sunlit, recharged

solace, seeking the even keel.

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