About lichenfoxie

botanist & writer

This blog keeps my written output on botany and perception. I have been posting online for over a decade.

A well organised botanical mind curates many scientific concepts to parse our vision in the forest into botanical units, and recognise these living entities in passing as particular species. This is a visual language of leaves, twigs, branches, boughs and trunks of trees and the lichens, fungi, algae, mosses, liverworts living on tree bark, each with their latin name.

The latin binomial gives us the genus, as a predictor of morphological potential of the life form, and the species, as a definitive botanical kind that the specimen one is observing belongs to. When searching on Google images by latin name,  our communal knowledge and experience of the species is recalled.

When walking as a ‘bipedal optical scanner with species recognition software‘ our perception and awareness in the forest provokes a rehearsal of latin names. Adequate notation is needed to record what we see as botanists. These narratives of transects walked in our forests are all we have to communicate with, to people to achieve site conservation.

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